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New extension device for DIAMOND® operating table


SCHMITZ has developed a new extension device to meet the high demands of orthopaedic surgeons and to complete the DIAMOND®’s range of functions.

One of the advantages of this extension device is the use of carbon, a modern material with excellent properties. We have made full use of these properties. Carbon offers very high stability on the one hand and complete radiolucence on the other.

All of the control elements on the extension device have been selected to make the workflow in the operating theatre as quick and straightforward as possible.

A new seat section has been developed in close cooperation with various doctors. The new shape allows optimal access for the surgeon and convenient handling for the operating team thanks to the new pre-release mechanism.

A summary of the other advantages offered by the new design:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Convenient handling thanks to new pre-release mechanism
  • Excellent sliding along bars by carriages
  • Quick and easy fixing of carriages thanks to unique braking and clamping system.