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SCHMITZ Care® Connect

Our solution for your increased efficiency

SCHMITZ Care® Connect is a digital communication channel that connects you with 
our technical experts in the fastest possible way.  

Fast, safe and precise.

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Quick aid – independent of location and worldwide

With SCHMITZ Care® Connect, we reduce the downtime of your products and ensure an efficient workflow at your workplace. 
No matter where you are in the world!


Software updates and upgrades

We offer remote support for easy installation of software updates and upgrades on your SCHMITZ product or support you in installing them yourself.

Overcoming language barriers

The translation function in the chat helps to overcome language barriers, simplify communication and prevent misunderstandings.

Certified training

SCHMITZ Care® Connect offers the opportunity to have your employees trained live on the product.

Certification is carried out by our experts.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

SCHMITZ Care® Connect is environmentally friendly and sustainable, because the digital communication channel reduces time-consuming and CO2-intensive journeys.

Thanks to a clear error analysis and spare part identification, only those parts get sent that are actually needed. 

Conversion and retrofitting 

We offer remote support with the conversion and retrofitting of SCHMITZ products.

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Video - SCHMITZ Care Connect


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