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Returns mangement

Returns of spare parts and retrofit articles

In order to make the handling of a return as simple as possible for all parties involved,

we would like to describe our procedure to you for a better understanding:

Procedure of a return

  • Please follow the link and fill out the form completely. Then click on the field "Send form".
    If the requirements for a return are given and the registration has been submitted completely and by the deadline, we will send you a return document by e-mail, which must be signed and placed in the package
  • Please download the infection prevention control form. Please ensure that this form is included with every return, product complaint and repair order. This document must be attached outside the package together with the delivery note.



Please pack the products carefully so that our employees cannot injure themselves when unpacking them.

Requirements for a return:

  • Return approval of SCHMITZ medical GmbH.
  • Returns are only possible with a return document supplied by SCHMITZ medical GmbH.
  • Packing of the goods in a durable carton (original carton) and if necessary on a transport aid.

General information

  • We reserve the right to dispose of unsolicited returned goods at the expense of the sender or to return them at the expense of the sender. The sender is responsible for ensuring  that the returned goods are not contaminated by infectious agents and that they do not pose a health risk.
  • Returns can only be reimbursed if the goods are received undamaged and in good condition.


Thank you for your cooperation!