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Environmental protection

We are aware of our responsibility to serve as stewards of the environment, and act accordingly in order to protect nature and to ensure natural resource sustainability.

The most important environmental aspects at a glance:

  • Consistent waste prevention and recycling, including electrical scrap/electonic waste – collection and disposal
  • SCHMITZ products are enrolled in the national register for waste electric equipment (, registered under WEEE reg. no. DE 90062386.
  • Use of modern communications media in order to reduce travel expenses
  • Use of 100% green electricity throughout the company
  • Modern, low-emission car fleet
  • Use of environmentally safe materials in the manufacture of SCHMITZ products
  • Non-polluting production processes, such as environmentally friendly powder coatings that do not require solvents and pigments that contain heavy metals. The material usage ratio is 98.5%. Thanks to recovery devices the remaining 1.5% remains in the closed loop as “overspray”. Filtered greases and solids are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Utilisation of process heat for heating and hot water
  • Environmentally safe packaging materials and packaging disposal within the framework of the German Waste Management and Product Recycling Act. Transport packaging accumulating at our company is delivered to a recycling facility in accordance with the German Packaging Ordinance.
  • Thanks to our participation in a system and the licensing of our sales packaging, we also give our customers the option to dispose of their sales packaging free of charge using the appropriate receptacles (e.g. the recycling bins for plastics).
  • Through extensive building renovation efforts we have been able to achieve demonstrable energy consumption reductions in terms of gas and electricity. For example, we replaced our roofing and thermal insulation on a companywide basis.